It just ended, things got mixed up and it all went to hell. We don’t even really talk much anymore, but then again if her ass wouldn’t get grounded so much. But yeah. Who are you.

Who would I be to you.

I’d be your teacher, teaching you things, helping you push your limits to reach and achieve higher then your standards. A nurturer to take care of you and show you the kindness and caring I could give to you. Your lover to be bounded to you by heart and soul, to appreciate your company and your efforts, knowing each other and happy you are there in this life. Your best friend to laugh, joke, and have crazy times no matter how ridiculous we may look. I would be myself to you.

This is your life, you grab it and take control of it.

This is the way I see things. If you want something you go for it. Sounds easy right, but also saying goes it’s easier said then done. And nothing can be further from the truth. Life is hard and mean and will beat you down. But it’s never going to stop you. One person can stop you, that person can stop you in your tracks and stop everything you are trying to achieve. That person is you. Only you yourself can stop yourself. I want something well then hey time to get working. You are human which means you have the abilities and choice to reach it but it’s more then physically working for it’s it is mostly mentally. If you start saying ” I can’t” or “i’m not good enough” no, no excuse. When you say you can’t you are already defeating yourself, talk like that will make you quit and fail. You can and you are able but you must find that inner motivation that inner to push forward show to yourself when you were saying i’ll never reach that high point that you can get there. Sure you can hear this from somebody you can watch an inspiring video to change your life getting all pumped and that’s good, you are wanting to make a change but what are you gonna do once the speech is over. When all that great energy is gone. Put it off for the next day? No start now if you gotta start off on doing something then just do it don’t think about it don’t question it just go and do it. You will fall, get hurt, exhausted, when you have no energy left at that very moment is what makes you who you are it’s what shows you what you can do and how bad you want your dreams. The moment you push forward after you are beaten down is what separates you from the others. Don’t get mad if you fall don’t get angry especially at someone else. This is all you and if you really are gonna blame others you might as well include yourself cause he is not gonna go out and do that 5 mile run you’ve dreamed of or that girl you see is not gonna get that high paying job for you. Motivate yourself nothing is more powerful then finding motivation within yourself. And while you are achieving what you want enjoy the ride smile along the way cause when you fall and fall hard but you still get back up and keep fighting that is something to laugh and smile about. 

Gonna be another one of those days.